November 23, 2012

West Village Vibe In Mexico City.

Montés Restaurant.

Walking in the emblematic Roma neighborhood of Mexico City, close to the Cíbeles roundabout you'll find Montés Restaurant, a place that since a year and a half ago offers casual "no-label" international cuisine, and starting this November gets a fun new twist by including in the menu typical dishes from several countries every month so as to bring diners closer to cultures with vast culinary traditions.

This month, the gastronomic journey started with dishes inspired by the "Bella Italia" like Insalata Caprese, Carpaccio de Manzo, Piccata Milanese, Risotto ai Funghi and Gnochi al Pesto. December will be Spain's turn to conquer palates with delightful dishes like Tortilla de Patatas (Spanish Omelette) that although a simple offering it is always surprisingly delicious. This interesting and exquisite gastronomic journey will be lead by the Chef Santiago Migoya, whose work has allowed him to work with and learn from luminaries like Ferrán Adriá and José María Arzak

Architecturally designed to have a feel similar to the places in the West Village in New York City, Montés Restaurant creates an ideal atmosphere to enjoy dishes and chat while the décor, the lighting and the background music come to life. 

Throughout its existence Montés Restaurant has created several projects to distinguish and define itself as a place with its own identity, like Saturday Brunches, started on the first anniversary and have become a monthly tradition, six so far. Another endeavor is the Hunter's Club, which was born from a proposal by the restaurant and a group of game enthusiasts to create a space where hunters could gather once a month on a Thursday to eat their meats (pheasant, venison, boar among others).

Visit Montés Restaurant and discover cooking that will enliven your senses with dishes that go from conservative to bold and risky with an unforgettable exotic touch. 

Restaurante Montés
Plaza Villa de Madrid 17 (Cibeles Roundabout)
Col. Roma México D.F.
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday (13:00 to 24:00); Sunday (13:00 to 18:00). 

Press Contact:
Ale Petatán
Another Company 0155.3099.3507 ext. 314 

-text translated by Oscar FL.

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