Lost Pen, Now Found.

When I was in college I got the taste for fine writing instruments, all kinds; wherever I went (in my travels) I found the time to seek out specialty pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, fountain pens, color pens, etc. . After I graduated I started taking notes on a journal, not just sketches, I felt as if I needed to start recording life as it was passing, with me along for the ride.

About fifteen years ago on a suggestion from a former girlfriend, we went to look for a special fountain pen, not a particular one mind you, but a pen for journaling, thinking I would know which one when at the store. We walked by the writing instruments section of a local high-end department store, and we took the time to see every one of their fantastic pens on display.

After about twenty minutes I came upon a closed box at the end of the counter and asked the sales person why this one was closed while all the others were open, and he pointed out that there were two closed pen boxes because they had been on display for a long time without being sold and they were going back to the distributor the next day. I asked if I could see them and he kindly obliged saying he doubted I would like them seeing as I had taken plenty of time looking at their stock and he sensed I had not found what I was looking for.

As he was opening the box I thanked him, and to my surprise (and more to the point, his), I found the perfect pen. It was a Waterman sleek black fountain pen with silver trimming and metal body; perfect weight and feel, The One. The sales clerk said it was an interesting sale as it had been there for over a year and nobody even bothered, to his knowledge, to ask for it to be taken out, and he was happy to have to send back only one product, a matter of sales reputation.

I was indeed very happy with that pen, I wrote many great things and made plenty of fine sketches until the day, of course, that I lost it, sometime around 2001. I was at my drafting table, using it, when for one moment that the phone rang and I answered, when I came back to the table I forgot about the pen until the next day when I wanted to use it... nowhere to be found. I looked and looked and looked, searched high and low, far and wide to no avail, my pen had grown legs and ran away I thought.

That is until today, about ten years later. I was going through old projects looking for a particular drawing when I noticed something on the back of the plans drawer was creasing the large paper plans on one side. Naturally I took a flashlight and looked again at the back of the metal case after taking all of the plans out, and there it was, the very Waterman pen that had been thought forever lost, hiding in the back of a metal drawer.

The very next thing I did was take it out from it's hiding place, open it and try it, and of course it still works, all it needed was a new ink cartridge and Presto, all is good again.  Happy Day!


Original story shared on cowbird.com.


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