December 17, 2011


I'm about to go on holiday for the first time in three years. I have been working quite a bit and finding excuses to not go on vacation, although I have had small outings and weekend trips and that sort of thing, but not an extended time off, that as many of you may know is a necessary thing if you're in a creative field. 

The thing about a time off: it lets you unwind, enjoy the moments, it enables you to let go of the flow of time and, lets you find your chewy center, that core that makes up what is you, that helps ultimately in your work and practice, which makes those virtuous circles possible.

I am pleased that I'm about to take a few weeks off, I will be enjoying myself and doing stuff I don't normally get to do in a busy city, and that is the best part of it all, mixing it a bit (although I will be on vacation, I will hardly be sedentary).


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Minna said...

Nice blog! I'd be happy if you visited mine and became a follower! :)


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