December 1, 2011

An Eye On Mobility.

For most human beings gathered around urban centers, a big part the whole moving about has to do with their cars (OK, a Lot of it). I find it strange that for some reason, and I know I am not alone on this, parking structures have an appealing allure that resembles that of a morbid dismay and strange attractors all rolled up into one big feeling, good or bad, that we can't help but wonder about them.

I particularly find them quite astounding, not all of them mind you, just the grand scheme/made for masses/keeps you car dry and safe sort of garages like the one picture below:

I have seen and been in plenty of them and every time, there is an opportunity to study them and analyze parts or all of their anatomy: the inter-columnar distance, height, ventilation system, lighting, paving, markings, signs, etc. all of which make or break the deal for user satisfaction. Some are so amazing that they resemble movie sets or, to say it in another fashion, have a very cinematic feel to them (which is the case with the one in the photo).

I for one am all for these containers of people's hopes and bedazzled investments, and in a world where there are more and more cars (we all love our cars let's be real) it seems a good fit to make the most of such a place, i. e. design a better mousetrap of a parking garage so that we don't have to see ugly once entering or leaving a simple place to keep your car, albeit a very expensive one.


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