November 28, 2011

The Candy Road

This is a recovered post from a past blog.

Candy Road
 By OscarFL

"The CandRoad is the one less traveled, a path to great riches and knowledge unraveled;
It takes you to places that with no obstacles on it, it takes to places that make you come to it.
The CandRoad  is a secret that many don't know, a secret that must be kept with the flow;
Book of great findings and Musings of Old, where everyone's welcome and nobody's cold.
The CandRoad  goes from your head to your toes,
The CandRoad goes where the heroes are born!"

The Candy Road is a piece written to make a statement in annotated prose, with the sole intent of reflecting a true state of affairs in today's modern society which is the lack of enjoyment or An-hedonism; People with limited enjoyment or lack thereof are at risk of developing antisocial behavior or depression, in very extreme cases.

The image above describes my vision of a cure or antidote for a foul mood: happy, perky, light, simple and FUN !


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