December 30, 2009

A New Idea For Living.

I've been toying around with the idea lately that there is a need to re-think suburban/country living areas: how they are designed, built and appraised throughout time. We have seen a world crisis in the real estate business recently, and home values (as opposed to prices) have been in a sort of roller-coaster ride since 2007 and there are indications that it will take a long time to settle because of speculation and the financial mess that has developed. 
Nonetheless, it is times like these that urge us to return to the drawing board and design better homes, better buildings and better living conditions for the generations to come, not relying on old stigmas of 'value vs. price' but to understand what the human condition and happiness economy can ultimately bring to the housing market. That is a New World worth exploring.
The image above is a model block that we arrived at as a preliminary design that came from such thinking, the size of the lots, the spaces for recreation and vehicle circulation notwithstanding, we came up with a sort of connected type blocks from which we can arrange a limitless array of possibilities while still being in accordance with any municipal or federal laws applied to urban developments and still engage our happiness factor on the whole design.

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