October 7, 2006

K790a Evaluation

I have taken some time to get acquianted with my new phone and it is truly feature packed. It may be that my previous phones were GSM or CDMA, and it may also be that celullar service has improved over the years to the point where I now have an EDGE phone. Truly Great.

I shot a VIDEO of an airplane we are buying to demonstrate the K790a's abilities, albeit a short one. It records in 3GP mode and it looks allright, but a camcorder it's not.

Cockpit view of Piper PA-38-180

The Image above was taken with the cloudy setting with flash (xenon lamp flash) and below we see a daylight setting shot in the afternoon sun :

Bell Huey tail assembly

And the Macro setting in daylight conditions is quite good I think:

3,2 Megapixels may not sound too high a resolution but I am beginning to like what I see, so far I've only taken the phone through a few of it's settings (I have yet to try the night mode) and for the price range and size, it's pretty much a no-brainer: A Good Mobile Phone.

It's on the normal side of the bulk factor, but you may think of it as a Cybershot camera that also makes calls, so instead of carrying around two gadgets you have one, that does the trick well for the most part.
I am going to keep tinkering with this cool new phone to see what my final evaluation is.


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