August 18, 2006

The Writely Test

By Oscar Falcón Lara

Well this was simple and fast enough...

After reading in TechCrunch that Writely began accepting accounts yesterday, I decided to give this little web app a try and Voilé! Fast and easy and I think I like the interface, it may require a few touch ups here and there but overall it is quite something.

One thing I absolutely like is the fact that you can import Word documents, work on them a bit and then save them back to word. You can also save as open formats, including HTML, pdf and .zip if you like.
Another great feature is, being a Web2.0 application, the ability to post to a blog; you type your words, pick the little button on the top that says blog, then a window comes up to set up your blog-to account and Presto! you're done. I named this post the "writely test" due to the fact that I wrote then chose to blog it from the application, it's really neat.

Kudos for Google for making this revolution happen and to the wonderful programmers and system's architects and all the really smart people behind this truly outrageous and cool new medium.

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