May 23, 2006

William "Captain" Kidd

! Ahoy me Maties ! Hoist yer ankors, set sail on yonder blue!

Pirate William Kidd

Today in 1701 Scottish pirate "Captain" William Kidd was hanged in London. Kidd was never a particularly good pirate and was certainly an unlucky one. After being hanged, his body was dangled from a gibbet by the Thames as a warning to others.
He is often remembered in infamy as a cruel, bloody pirate. Indeed, he, along with his crew, has been accused of every crime in pirate history by popular tradition. He achieved perhaps more fame in song, story and legend than any other pirate to sail the seven seas. However, historical record calls this characterization into question. It is more likely that Kidd earned his reputation through circumstance and did not consider himself to even be a pirate.


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