May 4, 2006

A very Good Idea

Standards aside, I think the BOB hybrid mobile home, is an incredible idea, an innovative and cool vehicle that could serve the needs of the wayward traveler as well as the occasional excursionist - it can also be used for family or group picnics in near home destinations.

BOB Home BOB Home

Designed by Andrew Maynard and Buro North for a feature in Intersection Magazine about mobile homes of the future, this boxy booby transforms into a full habitation unit, semi-urban style.
The engine and gears sit below the front seats giving you room to live and play in: just park, pull a lever and voila, the frame splits in the middle and hinges on both sides of the chassis open like a fisherman's tackle box, making the footprint three times the original, sliding rods connecting both halves make for the roof structure and a reinforced mesh that unrolls as the walls come down serve as cover.

I can't wait for something like this to come along, and it is a similar concept as the GMC PAD,


that other cool urbanite vehicle designed by GM's Advanced Design Group.

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