July 9, 2005

Tour De France exit gate project

This image is a computer model of a checkpoint I designed for the Tour De France 2005.
Designed to be used also as a starting gate or exit gate for the different stages leading up to the final, i
t is proposed as a light structure so that it can be disassembled and transported to a new location. Wooden ribs held together by aluminum profiles and angles, then covered in flexible algomerated board or MDF with an acrylic glossy finish or Formica Laminates.
More on this project soon.

...Meanwhile, I am reorganizing my studio and found a lot of pictures that I must scan in order to get them on the web. There are images of dogs, projects built and un-built, people, places I've traveled, etc, and as soon as I scan a few of them I will post them on flickr.

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